Raimonds Pauls about Galkins: Let’s go to Latvia

Maestro Raimonds Pauls commented on the scandal surrounding Russian show business stars Maxim Galkin and All Pugachov in an interview with Russian journalists, writes StarHit.ru.

After the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Maxim Galkin went to Israel with All Pugachev and his children. There are rumors that he will not return to Russia in the near future. In addition, in his video message, the artist admitted that he had lost his job (TV show and advertising contracts. His concerts in the Russian Federation were canceled, so he decided to both relax and work – to perform in Israel).

According to the portal StarHit.ru, Raimonds Pauls was surprised by this behavior of Maxim Galkin.

“Let’s go to Latvia … if we want to. But let’s wait until everything calms down. I didn’t expect everything to happen that way – Maxim usually skilfully avoided sharp corners,” the edition quotes the composer.

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