Rafael Puente highlighted the ‘great conditions’ of Renato Ibarra


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Rafael Puentetechnician Atlas, do not think about how they can receive Renato Ibarra When he debuted with the Foxes, he focused on the conditions of the Ecuadorian.

After adding the first preseason victory beating Mazatlán FC 1-0, Puente assured that Renato is in the best position to improve the quality of the red and black team, after being presented last week as an athletic reinforcement towards Guard1anes 2020.

“We are prepared to receive a footballer who has great conditions and that it comes with the best disposition to empower the team, “he said.

In social networks, different fans showed their disagreement in the hiring of Ibarra, who was arrested for attempted femicide, although he received his partner’s legal pardon.

Puente does not know when Ibarra will be able to debut with Atlas, he might not even do it on Sunday against Tigres on the last day of the regular phase of the GNP Cup for Mexico.

“Renato could not tell you yet, he is on an upward trend, he is improving every time, feeling better every time, but at the moment we are not aware or the certainty of whether or not he will be able to participate next Sunday,” he added.

The Ecuadorian went out to warm up this day with Atlas at the Akron Stadium, but he was not even taken to the bench.

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