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Radev: We were not afraid to be your voice, to point out the weaknesses and call for awakening – 2024-04-14 01:14:18

/ world today news/ “We asked for your support in order to pave the way to a new Bulgaria – of free people, dignity and progress. Thanks to your support, we won.”

This was stated by President Rumen Radev. He recalled that at the beginning of the mandate he and Iliyana Yotova faced the captured state. “It was 5 years of trials and battles. 5 years in defense of statehood. 5 years, when it was your support that gave us strength, thanks to which the presidential institution established itself as a pillar of stability and statehood, against the background of the drastic decline of trust in political forces and institutions,” he added.

“Even in the worst times of siege and continuous attacks, we did not bend, committed to you not to back down from the principles. To defend statehood and the interests of Bulgarians,” he added. “We were not afraid to be your voice, to point out the flaws, to call for a wake-up call and to reject rule by fear-mongering, lies and manipulation. To reject lobbyist and anti-people legislation. To unite around meaningful causes. Let’s be together with you in the squares in the battle for a new Bulgaria. United by these values ​​of ours – justice, freedom, solidarity, we succeeded,” Radev is emphatic.

According to him, Bulgaria is changing today. “Bulgaria is discussing new ideas, looking for new solutions. Problems are voiced without fear and out loud. But the change will not be quick and easy,” the president emphasized. He is of the opinion that Bulgaria needs a strong and independent presidential institution that does not bow down to the powerful of the day, and serves narrow party and oligarchic interests. “And it must defend the dignity and interests of Bulgarians,” he added. According to him, a lot will depend on the presidential and vice presidential elections, whether the oligarchy and the status quo, which have infiltrated all levels of the state, will find legitimacy and return to power through the presidential institution.

“Or they will forever fade into history and block the way to our development as a modern and prosperous country. In this cause, we, with Mrs. Yotova, will not betray you”, Rumen Radev is categorical.

Iliana Yotova: We don’t need self-proclaimed unifiers, the Bulgarians united themselves

“We don’t need self-proclaimed unifiers, the Bulgarians united themselves and turned their personal battle for survival into the cause of taking back the country stolen by a group of interests,” said Vice President Iliana Yotova.

“For the next five years, we will continue to work to strengthen statehood, for rules and laws that are equal for everyone. For Bulgaria, where our children have an equal start, and the pandemic of inequalities does not suffocate our parents,” assured Yotova. According to her, in addition to people’s anger, last year’s protest squares also gave birth to the energy of co-construction.

The Vice President thanked for the huge support.

“For five years we were strong, we made decisive decisions because you were behind us and supported us. When it was most difficult, your courage sustained us. We were with you for five years and we continue to be,” Yotova addressed the gathered crowd and emphasized: “We don’t hold pompous events, we don’t use polished phrases. We speak with your voice.”

Iliana Yotova is convinced that Bulgaria needs a brave, decisive and responsible leader, for whom Bulgaria and the interests of the Bulgarian citizens come first. From a person in debt – “Gen. Rumen Radev fills the word debt with content”.

The meeting was also attended by business representatives, publishers, cultural figures, industry organizations, the doctoral community, as well as representatives of all parties that supported Rumen Radev and Iliyana Yotova.

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