Racist insults against French players who missed a penalty in the World Cup final

Paris: Racism against French players who missed penalty kick in World Cup final against Argentina. Kingsley Coman, who missed a kick in the shootout, and midfielder Aurelian Shuwameni were racially abused.

The final match of the World Cup went into the shootout after both teams each scored three goals in extra time. Mbappé took the first kick for France and scored easily. But Coman’s shot from the second was saved by Argentine goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez.

On the other hand, France were under pressure as Argentina’s players were all on target. The third kick for the French team was sent off by Shuameni, who was on the road to defeat. Kolo Mauni, who took the fourth kick, found the target, but Montyal put in the fourth kick to end Argentina’s World Cup wait.

After this, there were harsh racist remarks against French players. French fans also hurled racial slurs at Kolo Mounie who missed a solid goal-scoring opportunity in stoppage time. Posts and trolls racially abusing stars have appeared, including in social media.

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But his club, Bayern Munich, has come out with a strong protest against Koman’s racist remarks. “We strongly condemn the racist abuse directed against Koman. “The Bayern Munich family strongly support Koeman, racism has no place in the game or in our society,” the Bayern Munich club tweeted.

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