Rachel Corrie: The Activist Who Stood Against Israeli Oppression

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia On a bright morning on Wednesday 22 January 2003, Rachel Aliene Corrie (23) made her first flight to the Middle East. He flew from Seattle, United States to East Jerusalem. The purpose of his visit was to carry out thesis research on twin cities (sister city) between Olympia, USA, and Rafah, Palestine.

Unfortunately, Rachel came at the wrong time. At that time, there was an increasing escalation of the conflict between Israel and Palestine, which became known as Intifada II. Everyone knows that the presence of civilians who are also foreign nationals in the midst of conflict is very risky. Lives are at stake.

However, that still didn’t slow down Rachel’s steps. He still wants to go to Rafah. Moreover, he also joined the International Solidarity Movement (ISM) as a pro-Palestinian activist. The various risks are clearly well known.



When she arrived in Palestine, Rachel was involved in various training. Only afterward did he carry out a pro-Palestinian research and advocacy mission. He lives in Rafah in a camp with other activists who, according to international law, cannot be attacked or intimidated.

However, this prohibition was violated by the Israeli military. On the first day of her stay in Rafah, an Israeli sniper immediately opened fire on the camp where Rachel lived for no apparent reason. Luckily, Rachel survived. Since then, as a form of revenge, Rachel has tried to fight them by becoming a living shield for the Palestinian people.

In the report New York Times It is known that Rachel has always stood at the forefront of opposing Israeli military operations and various other oppressions. He loudly used his toa to stop the army from advancing. Even in one of the letters to his parents that was collected The Guardianhe also called former US President George Bush a madman and burned the United States flag as a form of protest against the US invasion of Iraq in February 2003.

However, Rachel’s struggle that will always be remembered occurred on March 16 2003. On that day, she was given the task of protecting the water sources of the Palestinian people. This is because, over the past week, the Israeli military has routinely carried out inspections and destroyed water sources using bulldozers. Not infrequently, bulldozers are used to level people’s houses. Of course, this was all done to kill the Palestinian people.

The struggle to protect water resources received strong resistance from the Israeli military. Collect Mother Jones, the Israeli military attacked Rachel and the activists with grenades and tear gas. The attack ultimately succeeded in weakening them.

It was at this nadir of activism that the Zionist army moved the bulldozers. When she was about to tear down the house, Rachel got up and got up. The 23 year old woman asked the bulldozer to stop. He was in the middle of the road, about to block the bulldozer’s advance.

Unfortunately, the bulldozer wouldn’t stop. As a result, Rachel, who was in the path of the bulldozer, was automatically run over. The vehicle weighing thousands of kilograms crushed Rachel’s body from head to toe. Rachel collapsed and was immediately taken to hospital.

However, with this terrible fact, anyone knows that Rachel’s life will be difficult to save. That’s right, I agree The Guardian, Shortly after arriving at the hospital, the local doctor declared Rachel dead at 5.20 am with severe bleeding. Rachel’s history of struggle ended on March 16 2003.

Despite evidence that a bulldozer crushed Rachel alive, Israeli authorities deny responsibility. Quote The Independentthey argued that the incident was an accident, which was later upheld by the court.

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