R.S Panikkar Reflects on Public Response to Kathal The Core Movie

Kathal The Core is a film directed by Jio Baby and starring Mammootty and Jyothika in lead roles. Mammootty’s father was played by RS in the film. Panicker is a new actor. Kathal The Core is Panicker’s first film. But the actor has given a good performance in the film and has won the attention of the audience.

Panicker said that even though a lot of people are recognizing him after the release of the film, he is not obsessed with such fame. But Panicker says that he is very happy when he sees some of the recognitions he has received.

Panicker added that when he went to the Kairali Theater in Kozhikode, a man called him Chacha, which was an acknowledgment of the film and his character. He is speaking in an interview with Silly Monks Media. Meanwhile, the film which was released on November 23 has received a good response and continues to be screened.

‘I have no illusions about it. I love it when I get some recognition. All of us had visited Kozhikode Kairali Theatre. We have gone ahead without anyone seeing us. Someone noticed us. After the movie, some people came and took pictures. After that, it is going slowly.

People still haven’t left. People are watching what is happening below from the balcony. I am standing in front wearing white and white. A call of ‘Chacha’ from above. That is the biggest award I have ever received. People have taken over that character and that film. There is no greater joy and honor than that. I am not delusional about anything else,’ says RS. Panicker

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