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“Quebec Veterinary Physicians Call for Better Regulation of Raw Meat Industry Amidst Risks to Animal and Human Health”

The Order of Veterinary Physicians of Quebec asks the authorities to act so that animal owners are better informed about the risks associated with eating raw meat and that this industry is better regulated, at least in its duties. of information.

The Order is not surprised to read the results of the investigation conducted by the Department of Health Monitoring reported in the latest Flash Monitoring from the Ministry of Health and Social Services.


Several cases of multi-drug resistance associated with Salmonella enterica are linked to homes where dogs fed with raw meat ingredients live.

The Order has shared its concern for several years about this kind of diet and has taken a clear position on the dangers it entails for humans.

It is high time that the people who sell this type of food take responsibility or that we supervise them.

“It is necessary to raise awareness among animal owners to protect vulnerable people, especially those who are immunosuppressed or young children, testifies Dr. Gaston Rioux, president of the Order, via press release. It is unfortunate that we are getting to the point where people are seriously ill for this subject to be taken seriously. In a context of antibiotic resistance, this is all the more worrying.” Recall that according to the ministry’s investigation, among the seventeen cases listed, nine were young children under two years of age.

In addition to Salmonella, current data from medical science demonstrates that a pet consuming a diet of raw meat can transmit other parasites and pathogenic bacteria, for example, through stools, teeth or language.

Animal health professionals

Veterinarians are well informed and are already actively helping to demystify the risks with their clientele.

“Veterinarians have a duty of neutrality when they advise a client, argues Dr. Rioux, in the same communication to the media. They are bound by their code of ethics, under the obligation to rely on science and have a duty to protect the public. It is always best to speak with your veterinarian before taking the advice of someone who has no training in animal health, is not supervised by a professional order and is not able to assess the risks that the diet or other approach may have on the health of his animal or on his own health.


To enable pet owners to be better informed, the Order invites professionals from all health sectors as well as the media to contribute to raising awareness and educating the general public in order to avoid other case.

The College has published a clear position on the subject on its website and a FAQ is also available.

The population can also visit the section Tips for your pets the Order’s website for information on the precautions to take regarding the feeding of their pets as well as the Government of Quebec website which suggests more specific hygiene rules for handling raw meat.


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