WhatsApp, Instagram and Co. are leading the way and now the Signal Messenger is following suit. You can now also post a story in the app.

In a story, users can post a video or photo that is only visible to contacts and other Signal app users for a short time.

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Publish a story in Signal Messenger – here’s how it works

Here’s how to post a story in Signal:

  1. Opens the Messenger.
  2. Click that Camera symbol.
  3. Now you can select the contentappear in history.
  4. You can also set whether the video or photo of all contacts or selected users only you can see it. You choose a group disabled, the story can also be viewed by users who are not in the contact list.

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Marco Kratzenberg

The story is usually visible for 24 hours and then disappears on its own. You can also remove the post early at any time. The story content is end-to-end encrypted.

Status updates: Signal introduces stories

Other users can react or reply directly to your story and even share it. If you’ve turned on read receipts for messages, you can also see which user viewed your story.

If you are sure you never use stories, you can also disable the function. Then the option is no longer displayed in camera mode. Go to settings egswap stories there out. If you’ve turned off Stories, you can no longer see matching content from other contacts.

The history function is available for the Signal app on iOS and Android (starting from version 6.0) and can also be used in the desktop version of the messenger. In Signal, the function is also called “status messages”.

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