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Public declaration of love or Valentine’s Day at the Beckhams

Declaration of love on social media? The champions in this category are husband and wife David and Victoria Beckham. They regularly write amorous messages to the photos on their profiles. The last post is photos on the occasion of St. Valentine’s Day. “26 years and you’re still my Valentine, I love you so much,” Victoria captioned the photo.

David also added an older photo where he confessed his love to his wife on behalf of the children.

Perfect couple

David and Victoria met in 1997 at a football match. They married two years later and will celebrate their 24th wedding anniversary this July. There have been occasional reports of infidelity or marital problems, but nothing has been confirmed and they still have the label of one of the most stable celebrity couples. Victoria once commented on her marriage by saying, “There is love at first sight.” How straight out of a Hollywood movie! They raise four children together, three sons Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz and a daughter Harper.

They are not afraid to show their feelings for each other in public, and their two sons obviously got a glimpse of it from their parents.

Brooklyn Beckham

The eldest son of the Beckhams, Brooklyn (23), is already a married man. After dating for two years, he married actress Nicola Peltz last year and even adopted her last name. They are still head-over-heels in love, don’t skimp on loving messages with the photos, and Brooklyn recently let it be known that he would like to become a young father. After all, his father was exactly that old when little Brooklyn was born. There are also rumors that the daughter-in-law and mother-in-law did not get along very well, but there is no direct evidence.

And this heart made of roses was given to Nicola by her husband.

Romeo Beckham

Like his older brother, the younger of the Beckham siblings, Romeo (20), is not afraid to show off his feelings. He has been in a relationship with model Mia Regan (20) since 2019. They broke up last summer, everyone was too busy, but got back together in November. And so they spend this year together as well Valentine’s Day!


The youngest of the brothers, Cruz (17), was linked to Tana Holding last year, with whom the paparazzi photographed them back in January of this year, but there is no sign of a girlfriend on his Instagram…

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