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PSSI Collaborates with Erspo for New National Team Jerseys and Equipment

Erick stated that this collaboration with Erspo was in the form of cash and national team equipment.

The Indonesian national team will wear new jerseys after the 2023 Asian Cup after PSSI collaborated with new apparel Erspo, Monday (22/1), in Jakarta.

This new apparel will be officially launched in March. That month, the senior national team played home and away matches in Group F qualifying for the 2026 World Cup in the Asian zone against Vietnam.

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PSSI general chairman Erick Thohir said that almost 20 brands participated in the tender process to become apparel. According to him, this process is carried out transparently, and hopes it can last a long time.

“The process is very transparent. Nearly 20 brands participated in this tender process. “This is the first time, because we are encouraging PSSI not only to increase the value of PSSI and sponsors, but also transparency,” explained Erick as quoted by the official PSSI website.

“The value is IDR 16.5 billion, of which there is IDR 5 billion in cash. Most recently there is the term royalty. It’s never been this long.”

“This is a new era, a golden era. Not only do we encourage our national team to prepare themselves well, but we also open up how local brands can go global. “We are trying to encourage local brands, which are encouraged by the younger generation, to become a mutually beneficial ecosystem with Indonesian football.”

Meanwhile, Erigo CEO, Muhammad Sadad, thanked PSSI for trusting Erspo. Erigo introduced a new brand called Erspo as a form of seriousness in the sportswear industry.

“This process is actually not short. We have a bidding process, we show us the future, our vision for the future. “We have also personally attracted several people in the industry,” explained Sadad.

“So, for this Erspo project, we attracted several people in their fields. We also attracted a former U-23 national team player, there is also a designer. This is a truly collaborative project, because we want to invite people from the industry that Garuda is calling.”

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