PS4 version released on PS Store with PS5 support

Update: „Star Wars Republic Commando“ kann can now be downloaded from the PlayStation Store. Before that, 14.99 euros are due.

A Day One patch is also available for download. Among other things, he is dedicated to the gaming experience on the PS5:

  • Supports rendering resolution up to 4K on PlayStation 5.
  • Supports a rendering resolution of up to 1440p on the PlayStation 4 Pro.
  • Optimized rendering shaders.
  • Improved audio quality.
  • Updated controller vibration settings.
  • The size of the controller dead zone has been reduced.
  • Minor bug fixes and changes.

Original message from April 6, 2021: The tactical shooter “Star Wars: Republic Commando” will be released on April 6th, 2021 for the PlayStation 4. Aspyr Media reminds of this with a trailer that you can watch below. You can play the title thanks to the backward compatibility on the PS5.

The “Star Wars Republic Commando” originally published in 2005 puts you in the role of RC-1138, the leader of the Delta Squad. With his team and plenty of weapons, the protagonist has to make his way in the course of the game. It proves to be helpful that the team members can maintain the formation and execute tactics independently.

Relies on various maneuvers

In “Star Wars Republic Commando” you can rely on several maneuvers. This includes commands to carry out special tasks such as blasting or opening doors, search and demolition commands and instructions to your team to form behind you. In addition, your squad can revive you if you bite the proverbial grass.

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Like the developers, hands were also put on the control system underpinned in the course of the announcement. “At Aspyr, we always treat classics with respect. That’s why we’ve done our best to preserve the original feel of Star Wars Republic Commando while giving it a modern twist. What worked well in 2005 cannot be easily transferred to modern hardware. That’s why we’ve adjusted the controls so that they feel just right on DualShock 4 and 5 controllers. “

More news about Star Wars:

In “Star Wars Republic Commando” various trophies are awarded, for example for completing campaigns and fighting droids. Also included is a trophy called “Blitzeblank”, which you can earn if you always keep your tactical visor sparkling clean. Here is the trailer for today’s launch of “Star Wars Republic Commando” mentioned above:

More news about Star Wars Republic Commando.

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