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Prymula: Semafor je kočkopes – Novinky.cz

He described the traffic light as a problem that it was mapping a situation that was already there. “We need to stop the virus ahead,” he said.

“I’m not saying he was happily elected, there was political pressure to be here,” the new minister said at the traffic light.

“Either we have a traffic light and the measures are linked to it, or we do not have a traffic light and we take measures across the board. Now it’s a bit of a cat, “he said.

It can be just as red everywhere in two weeks

According to him, it is good to watch the traffic light in order to make it clear how the locality is. At the same time, he noted that if the same growth continued as a week or two as before, the entire map of the Czech Republic would turn red at the traffic lights.

Photo: Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic

The so-called traffic light shows the state of coronavirus infection in individual districts. It recognizes three levels, green, orange and the worst red, in which only Prague is so far. There are 28 districts in the orange level since Monday. The remaining districts are green. No district in the Czech Republic is white, which means zero or negligible risk of infection. The updated traffic light on Monday reflects the situation between September 12 and 18.

Better communication. There will be only two press releases per week

Prymula also identified better communication of the ministry as one of the priorities. He wants a press conference to be held at the ministry once or twice a week. “My communication with the mass media should really be limited to two days so that we have time to work. I will try to communicate the key messages myself, “he added.

However, he informed about the measures that the ministry is going to announce on Wednesday, not through an official route, but through interviews in selected media. This limits the opening hours of restaurants and bars to 22:00 and limits the number of visitors to sporting events to 2000.

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