Proud Mom Steffi Shares Photo of Newborn Son Jop Verhagen on Instagram

The proud mom has shared a photo of their newborn son on Instagram. ‘There he is! Our Jop’, writes Steffi. ‘Last Thursday 01-06-2023 we became the proud parents and big sister of Jop Verhagen.’

“Jop is doing very well. He drinks well, sleeps well and is very satisfied,” Steffi said on the KRO-NCRV website. Steffi has a horse farm in Boekel. If it is up to the farmer’s wife, little Jop can get used to life on the farm as quickly as possible. “Just like Sterre, I will take him to the horses very quickly. He will not be older than a month when he sees a horse for the first time,” she says earlier. “He has big hands and feet, so we already call him ‘the whopper of Boekel’.”

Steffi and Roel got to know each other in 2018 through the program and already have a two-year-old daughter, Sterre. She is also happy with her little brother. “Sterre is super sweet to Jop. Very cute to see.” The family is over the moon: “As a family, we are now in a kind of bubble. We are very aware of what the four of us are currently experiencing.”

2023-06-04 11:17:49
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