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Protecting Your Liver Health: A Guide for People Over 50

September 17, PrimaMedia.ru. Caring for liver health becomes especially important as you age. This vital organ is responsible for cleansing the blood of harmful substances and toxins that come with the same unhealthy foods. Experts in the field of nutrition and gastroenterology strongly recommend that people over 50 years of age review their diet and exclude foods that can harm liver health.

fried food

Fried foods, especially deep-fried foods, contain harmful trans fats and other substances that can cause inflammation and stress on the liver. Regular consumption of such foods can lead to fatty liver disease and other liver diseases.


Excess alcohol is one of the main causes of liver cirrhosis. Even moderate alcohol consumption can be dangerous for people with a predisposition to liver disease or other health problems.

High fructose foods

High fructose corn syrup and other high fructose foods can cause fat to accumulate in the liver and cause fatty liver disease. These products can often be found in sugary drinks, confectionery and many snack foods.

Experts emphasize that it is important not only to exclude the above-mentioned foods from the diet, but also to pay attention to overall nutritional improvement, including more fresh vegetables, fruits and lean sources of protein in the menu. A healthy diet, regular medical checkups and an active lifestyle will help maintain liver health for many years.

Important Note: Before making significant changes to your training program or diet, it is recommended that you consult with a physician or nutritionist and trainer to ensure the safety and effectiveness of your chosen method.

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