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Protecting Infants from Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) Campaign Begins Next Week in Balearic Islands

Next week the campaign to protect all infants from Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) will begin

The Balearic Islands is the only community that, at this time, is not providing the so-called vaccine against Virus Respiratory Syncytial (RSV) causing 90% of cases of bronchiolitis in newborns or infants. Although It will start to be installed next week The first hospital admissions of babies for this reason have already been seen. In Son Llàtzer, even in the intensive care unit.

“This angers families,” laments the pediatric spokesperson for the Balearic vaccine advisory committee, Edelmiro Vergés, who adds that “We’ve been lucky that it hasn’t been too cold so far”given that this is a seasonal virus.

Cases are beginning to be seen in hospitals at the gates of the arrival of a polar front, next week. The good news is that protection against the virus is not a vaccine that needs weeks to develop its effectiveness. “It is a passive immunization in which the defenses are placed directly in the baby’s body. They give them the job done,” explains Dr. Vergés. That is, once immunized, the response to a possible infection is immediate and, in addition, lasts between five and six months, the entire winter period.

The effectiveness of this treatment has already been demonstrated and reaches between 80 and 82%, “it does not save all children but it is a very high degree of confidence.” That is, it is very likely that the income that is being produced is avoidable.

The delay in the Balearic Islands “whether due to laboratory issues or because of the administration” is affecting families who, in the rest of the communities, They are accepting the guideline practically one hundred percent.

In the Islands, all babies with risk factors have been receiving treatment since the beginning of October. Starting next week, by decision of the Department of Public Health of the Ministry, the injection will be administered to all newborns already in the hospital, so that are discharged already immunized. And furthermore, it will start a rescue from health centers to also protect babies who have been born since last April 1 to face the winter with greater peace of mind.

In this sense, Dr. Vergés warns that “pediatricians are on the job,” and that they already have the lists. Thus, when they receive the medication in the different outpatient clinics, the mothers will be notified with a text message or by telephone contact and, “if we go to 20 daily appointments, In one week we will be able to protect the entire target population».

The note

A jab is given but it is not a vaccine

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