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ProSieben’s football experts join RTL for NFL broadcasts.

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RTL has signed Jan Stecker from ProSieben as moderator for its NFL broadcasts. The confirmed program director Stephan Schmitter of the “FAZ”. Are “Coach” Esume and “Icke” Domisch also coming?


According to him, the RTL team also includes ex-professionals Markus Kuhn and Sebastian Vollmer as well as Alex von Kuczkowski. Connectors and the experts Kuhn and Vollmer had worked for ProSieben in recent years. “That’s our ‘Starting Four’,” said Schmitter: “But since football is played by big teams, we’ll be expanding our team significantly over the next few weeks.” So it’s quite possible that alongside Kuhn and Vollmer other candidates find their way from ProSieben’s “ran” football team to RTL.

Is the NFL trio around Jan Stecker the beginning of a wave of changes from ProSieben to RTL

NFL team from ProSieben
The former “ran” football team from ProSieben, who parted with tears at the Super Bowl 2023: from left: Björn Werner; Christoph “Icke” Dommisch; Jonas Friedrich; Roman Motzkus; Carsten Spengemann; Patrick Essume; Jan Plug; Uwe Morawe; Mattis Oberbach. With the connector, a central figure has now made the NFL path from ProSieben to RTL. Follow more? © ProSieben/Benjamin Kis

The RTL group had surprisingly secured an extensive rights package from the American professional league NFL last year, beating out ProSieben in the process (DIGITAL TELEVISION reported). According to its own statements, the Cologne broadcasting group will be offering around 80 live broadcasts per season from the coming season. (dpa/bey)

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