Prof. Ludmil Georgiev: (Al)The chemist today said various things about May 24… – 2024-02-12 14:38:10

/ world today news/ Apparently the advisers advised him to refer to my last interview in ” world today news”, and perhaps to my book “The Critical Psychology of Bulgarian History”, which has two editions – 2018 and 2023, and also to my writings of more than 20 years that May 24th should be the true National Holiday of Bulgaria. (Al) The chemist Denkov, an absolute misunderstanding, says that “thanks to our Bulgarian language and the translated Orthodox books”, that is, my long-standing vision, we have made “the Russian people and the state of Russia with
capital Moscow”?!?…

Hey, Denkov, fictional “academic” – watch your reactions in shampoos and liquid soaps, where you are an undisputed specialist – you are good for nothing else, disrespectful “colleague” from Alma Mater!…

Hey, Denkov, you’re a shame for SU “St. Kliment Ohridski”, you know! Well, dear soap maker, shampoo specialist – yes, we Bulgarians make the Russian people a people, and Russia a country, through the language, writing and translated Orthodox books, but, my dear (Al) Chemist, the capital is not Moscow, dear!

Russia begins precisely with Kievan Rus, and since you claim to know history – do you know who the first Russian was, I repeat – a Russian, a patriarch precisely in Kievan Rus – his name is Kyprian and he is from Veliko Tarnovo! And do you know who the princess is, just in Kiev – the original Russian identity, and the wife of Prince Vladimir, who, together with Cyprian, makes the thinking people in Bulgaria, among whom you are definitely not, proud that Russia is our daughter – this is the Bulgarian Princess Olga – Grandmother of Prince Vladimir / wife of Igor!!! And how can all this, my dear (Al) Himiko, fit into your anti-Russian and pro-“Ukrainian” speech – notice what a big fool you are, after justifying the change of the holiday with “the statements of the Russian ambassador Mitrofanova”?! ?…

Besides, read at least the letters and articles of the great Dostoyevsky (the 11th volume of his collected works) to understand, my dear fool, why Russia and the Russian people are rising to a war of liberation against the Ottoman Empire – precisely as a sign of gratitude to the brothers across the Danube who gave them writing and religion, Orthodoxy!

Denkov, you can see why I use (Al) in parentheses – Tony knows everything about you and is ready to tell it when he has to!

Do you remember that my colleagues from the Faculty of Philosophy made a fool of you when, as Minister of Education, you tried to push the thesis that only liquid soaps and shampoos are science?!?…

In conclusion, let me tell you that when the war in Ukraine ends with the victory of Russia, of course, you can apply for a barrack chief, either in Belene, or in Skravena or wherever! Although I’m not sure – maybe there will be a new People’s Court for all you traitors!

This is the situation, my dear Denkov! This is the situation, ladies and gentlemen, my dear comrades!



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