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Prof. Kunchev: A new lockdown will be required by October 15 – Society

  • September 23, 2021

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  • 45% of Bulgarians say they have not been vaccinated and do not intend to do so. Meanwhile, doctors warn that only 26% are vacant covid beds in Sofia.

    The mathematician from the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Prof. Ognyan Kunchev, believes that a new lockdown will soon have to be imposed in Bulgaria.

    “In the foreseeable future, a new lockdown will be needed, perhaps around October 15. Then we will reach about 7,000 infected per day. The peak will be in November-December, if we do not control anything,” he said, defending the opinion that we have to go from lockdown to lockdown until the situation improves significantly.

    In the studio of Bulgaria ON AIR, the mathematician showed a graph with the number of infected by months since the beginning of the pandemic. There is a peak of the infected on a daily basis in September-October 2020 and then a controlled decline.

    “Since November, the number of infected people has started to fall slightly, because on October 25 all nightclubs closed. From December 10-15, it drops sharply. What is the reason for this – a complete lockdown from November 29. They stopped schools, kindergartens … It all depends on us, there are no tricks. We start going up on February 10-15. On February 1, they let the children go to kindergartens and schools, “explained Prof. Kunchev.

    In July-August 2021, the number of infected began to rise alarmingly. According to Prof. Kunchev, the reason is the “optimal conditions for the spread of the virus” on our Black Sea coast.

    Dr. Madjarov: There was one priority for the whole society – protection from Kovid

    “The Delta variant is much more aggressive. Research by Chinese scientists has shown that there are 1,200 times more viruses in the upper respiratory tract than a Delta variant. We went to sea and became infected. Now the children have gone to school and there is no way this will not increase. of the infected, “he stressed.

    According to him, control should consist of masks and distance, but this cannot happen entirely with children at school. The mathematician cites a study in England, which shows that 40% of children have already passed some form of coronavirus.

    About half a million Bulgarians have officially encountered the coronavirus. According to Prof. Kunchev, however, they are about 2 million.

    Radina Lazarova


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