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Princes on knives. William and Harry haven’t spoken yet to leave

At least that’s what the author of a new biography book about Harry and Meghan Finding freedom, Omid Scobie, says. According to him, relations between the two princes reached a freezing point after Harry and Meghan decided to announce their plans to leave the royal family and public life.

According to Daily Mail William was furious. In addition, the wedge between the two brothers is said to have been struck by the fact that Meghani’s pregnancy had strained relations between her and Duchess Kate.

Scobie claims that William and Harry did not speak for two months after the decision to blow the trumpet out of the world, and even now the contact between the heir to the throne and his younger brother is absolutely minimal.

“They haven’t seen each other, the distance between them has increased. It will take some time for this to heal,” Scobie said. Tragic is also the relationship between Kate and Meghan, who do not communicate with each other personally and their “relationship has never moved anywhere.”

The so-called Megxit shook the British royal family in early January this year. Harry and Meghan announced their departure on the instagram. They later relocated from Great Britain to North America.

Recall the last official action of Harry and Meghan in the report:

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