Prince William’s true opinion of Meghan Markle comes to light from the beginning

Tensions between members of the British Royal Family they don’t stop. Since the Prince Harry and Meghan Markle They made the decision, three years ago, to stop serving as members of the Crown, the confrontations have been constant. In the same way, the line of reproaches has been added the distancing, since the couple lives a life outside the institution in the United States with their two children, Archie and Lilibet Diana. Added to this is that, for some time, rumors circulated about the bad relationship between the Prince of Wales and her former actress. Suits And now new data has emerged in this regard that would support that version.

Prince William

Prince WilliamPrince William

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It has been the new book of Omid Scobie, Endgame, the one who has uncovered the ins and outs of this family network. The Prince of Wales is said to have taken an immediate “dislike” for former Hollywood star Meghan Markle, and worked to distance her brother Harry from him as soon as the Sussexes married. The royal writer paints a scathing portrait of the future King, as he claims that William believes his brother “no longer useful as a useful distraction or collateral damage». In this way, these new data on the fractured relationship between Princes William and Henry have been revealed in this book that also exposes the struggles of power among royalty.

Meghan Markle, Princes of Wales, British royal family tension, Prince Harry
Meghan Markle, Princes of Wales, British royal family tension, Prince Harry

Meghan Markle, Princes of Wales, British royal family tension, Prince HarryMeghan Markle, Princes of Wales, British royal family tension, Prince Harry

The princes of Wales with the dukes of Sussex / Gtres

In the book, which hits UK shelves on Tuesday, December 28, but went on sale abroad on Monday, the writer gives a revealing insight into the dynamic between the two feuding brothers and explains that the family war began much sooner than many suspected. Scobie writes: “William had been wanting to distance himself from his brother since Harry’s marriage to Meghan. According to the author of the biography about Meghan and Enrique titled Finding Freedomthe Wales no longer care “Enrique’s drama.”

Prince William, Prince Harry
Prince William, Prince Harry

Prince William, Prince HarryPrince William, Prince Harry

Prince William with Prince Henry / Gtres

In other parts of the writing, Scobie also paints Prince William’s attempts to confront racism in a rather dim light, as he claims that the future King has an ulterior motive. Despite recognizing the efforts of the Prince of Wales to publicly denounce racism as part of his public duties and his statements in which he assured that “we are not a racist family” when asked after Oprah’s explosive interview with the Sussexes- , the writer alleges that Guillermo’s efforts seem contrived. He states that despite the “civic cries” of William on racial issues, the future King and Princess Catherine have not yet contacted Harry and Meghan about the racial dispute.

Other bombs from the book

Other explosive allegations in the book include that Meghan “never” wants to “set foot in England again.” He also claims that the sour relationship between Catherine and Meghan is damaged beyond repair, as Scobie’s sources claim “Every time she hears about Meghan, Catalina shudders and laughs.” Likewise, there are more revelations about the relationship between the brothers. According to the issue, Prince Henry is considered by the heir to the British throne as a “stranger” after he published his controversial book of memoirs Spare in which he alleged that his older brother physically attacked him.

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