Prince Andrew: – The summons to court

On Friday night, it was confirmed that Prince Andrew has been summoned to court allegations of sexual assault. The prince was in his own home when the papers about the summons were handed over. It reports CNBC.

Prince Andrew is the subject of a civil lawsuit. The plaintiff, Virginia Roberts (38), claims that the prince forced her to have sex with him against her will.

The prince himself has denied the allegations.


Roberts is also said to be one of the victims of Jeffrey Epstein, who has previously been convicted of pedophilia. In the summer of 2019, the deceased billionaire was charged with sexual exploitation of minors and human trafficking for several decades, after several whistleblowers began to appear. He was found dead in the prison cell, 66 years old.

PRINS ANDREW: Virginia Guiffre says Jeffrey Epstein flew her to London to have sex with Prince Andrew. Video: BBC. Reporter: Elias Kr. Zahl-Pettersen
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The 38-year-old has sued the prince in the American court. She claims that he raped her in Epstein’s mansion when she was 17 years old.

The close friendship between Prince Andrew and Jeffrey Epstein has long been a known problem. In November 2019, the press release came from Buckingham Palace about that prince retired from official duties in the foreseeable future, after approval by the Queen.

– Digged his own grave

Already in 2015, the prince’s name was drawn into the Epstein scandal, when Roberts emerged as a victim of both the prince and Epstein.

The royal family had rejected the allegations all along, but after the prince showed up in the much talked about BBC interview about the abuse allegations and the friendship with Epstein, came new details about the dubious relationship to the surface.

PRINCE AT PARTY: In the wake of allegations of abuse and questions about the friendship of the late Jeffrey Epstein, Prince Andrew says in a new interview that he does not understand how he got the stamp as “party prince”, as he no longer parties. Pictures of the Prince of Saint-Tropez say the opposite. Photo: Coleman-Rayner / Stella Pictures. Clip: Emilie Rydning
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– Prince Andrew has dug his own grave, See and Hear royal house expert Anders Stavseng told Dagbladet at the time.

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