Prime Minister Denkov addresses concerns of protesting farmers and pledges subsidies will be paid

Prime Minister Denkov addresses concerns of protesting farmers and pledges subsidies will be paid

After the meeting, it became clear that for each of the points raised by the protesters – either we can offer a solution, or we can explain how we will look for a solution in the shortest possible time. This was stated by Prime Minister Nikolay Denkov after a meeting with the contact group of protesting farmers in the Council of Ministers. The Prime Minister emphasized that all subsidies owed to farmers will be paid by September 30.

“In a little while, I have a conversation with the Prime Minister of Ukraine, in which I will explain that today we discussed with the protesters that there will be a certain quota for Bulgaria, and it will be allowed for import into our country, when we have specified how big it will be. “In the near future, we will not allow the import of sunflowers from Ukraine,” stressed Denkov.

According to him, in relation to the other products – corn, wheat and rapeseed. , for which grain producers want an import ban – and negotiations are currently underway between the EC and Ukraine, together with the agriculture ministers of the member states. “I don’t know what the outcome of the negotiations will be, but we will do our best to include them. If not, we will hold negotiations with Ukraine about them on a bilateral basis”.

He was categorical that so far no problems with the quality of the products imported from Ukraine have been identified.

“It is important to specify that according to the first point of our demands – for the import of sunflower, the Prime Minister made a commitment that sunflower will not enter Bulgaria until these mechanisms are regulated”, said Iliya Prodanov – Chairman of the National Association of Grain Producers .

According to him, the decision whether the protests will continue will be made by the members of the association who participate in them.

Watch the video for more on the topic.

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