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Primavera, Abate: “Proud of the boys, we deserved the victory. Now head to the derby”

Ignazio Abate, AC Milan’s Primavera coach, spoke to Milannews.it after the 2-2 comeback draw against Napoli:

About the match: “We made an excellent first, we had several clear chances, but we didn’t unblock it. At the start of the second half we immediately conceded the second goal. Then there were 20 bad minutes, with little space and too much frenzy. But we remained in match. The boys were good at recovering. I’m happy for them. On points and for quality of play we deserved the victory. We never thought about defending ourselves and that’s it. I’m proud of my boys. We played with five 2005s, three 2006s , two from 2004 and one from 2003. The club must also be proud of this team. We are improving, we want to move up the table. Honor to the boys, now let’s think about the derby. We have many absences but everyone entered with desire”.

On the path of the youngest: “We need to distinguish between the best and less good players. It is clear that when there are one or two years of difference, the physicality is different. But if the younger ones don’t play, they don’t gain experience. We work to bring young players into the first team Good guys must always play, we mustn’t be afraid to put them on the pitch. Let’s carry on like this, hoping to move up the table. I’m very proud.”

On the difference between the league and the Youth League: “The Primavera championship is difficult, everyone plays first of all not to concede a goal, while in Europe everyone plays to win. It’s a question of philosophy. Milan have always played an offensive game and this is what we have to pass on to the boys. Defending for 90′ is not part of our history.”

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