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prices and new features of the replacement for Office 365

It’s a name change that shows the broadening of Microsoft’s strategy. Goodbye Office 365 and its purely office automation interest. Make way for Microsoft 365, and its complete solution for a professional and private life. On April 21, two formulas will be offered and will take over from the old Microsoft ecosystem. In this article, discover all the new features of Microsoft 365, and the interest that it can be to subscribe to one of the two new plans.

Microsoft 365: software updates

Let’s start with the classic elements of the new Microsoft 365 package. As before, subscribers will have access to all of Microsoft’s flagship programs, namely Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel. On the word processing software, we note the strengthening of artificial intelligence, allowing us to more effectively correct our spelling and grammar errors, but also tools optimized to offer us other formulations for our sentences, alerts in case of repetition of terms or copy / paste without sources.

On the side of Excel and PowerPoint, it is at the level of the models that the changes are apparent. You can create presentations or tables with more basic models (PowerPoint) and statistical data (Excel), but also tap into the Getty Images thanks to PowerPoint Designer. Even further, you will be able to record yourself orally during your presentation training, and one of Microsoft’s programs called Presenter Coach will be able to give you an opinion on your speech: its flow and your formulations.

An ecosystem for work and personal life

Microsoft is moving away from the term “Office” to include only the everyday aspect of its ecosystem: “365”. In its new formula, Microsoft Teams has arrived in a consumer version, and will both appeal to companies who need a tool to communicate and organize, but also to families, who would like an interface to chat . In addition, Microsoft is adding a security component to its Family Safety package. By taking advantage of its ecosystem and connected devices, the pack allows you to configure alerts in case of excessive use of screens, but also the game console if you have an Xbox at home.

Explore Office 365 Home

Microsoft 365 is updating its Family plan, now offering a total of 6 user accounts. The pack is called Microsoft 365 Family, and will rub shoulders with the classic Microsoft 365 Personal. The two solutions will be launched on April 21, 2020. Users will be able to take advantage of a free storage space of 1 TB on Microsoft Cloud, and web extensions will also be offered for certain services such as those present on Microsoft Word. The Personal subscription costs € 6.99 per month or € 69 per year, while the Microsoft 365 Family plan costs € 9.99 per month or € 99 per year.


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