Preventing Illness with Tamarind Turmeric Herbal Medicine and Healthy Living Tips

METROJAMBI.COM – During the rainy season, which makes the air temperature cold, the body is very susceptible to illness.

Cold temperatures can cause us to get flu, fever and skin diseases.

If we are already in this position, then we will be busy looking for a solution or medicine to recover.

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However, before all that happens, it is better for us to take precautions so that undesirable things happen.

There are many ways to prevent disease from coming.

One of them is maintaining your diet, eating healthy food, exercising, even if it’s just walking.

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Maintain cleanliness, and drink vitamins or herbal drinks.

Regularly drinking concoctions made from natural ingredients to prevent disease and maintain health is a good step.

You can make tamarind turmeric herbal medicine made from natural ingredients from the universe.

Tamarind turmeric herbal medicine has many benefits, one of which is controlling blood sugar, treating flatulence, maintaining healthy bones and joints, relieving menstrual pain, and many more.

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With the many benefits that we can get from drinking tamarind turmeric herbal medicine, therefore let us regularly consume this herbal medicine.

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