Ottawa, December 16, 2020 – On September 25, 2020, the Société Santé en français (SSF) signed a funding agreement with Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada for a value of 2,7 millions which will finance health immigration projects until mars 2025.

For the SSF and the 16 networks, this funding marks a step forward in taking into account the reality of French-speaking immigrants. According to Anne Leis, president of the Société Santé en français: “ Francophone immigration is a very important issue for the Canadian Francophonie. For the integration of immigrants to be successful, the capacity of the system must be strengthened to meet their health needs in a culturally appropriate manner. I am therefore proud that the SSF is officially committed to this file and I am confident that these projects will help to facilitate access to health services across Canada.. »

Concretely, it is not less than 30 sub-projects whose funding is thus secured with the 16 French language health networks. These initiatives will mainly be directed at settlement officers working with the Réseaux en immigration francophone (RIF). They will make it possible to: a) bring together the health sector and that of the establishment, b) conduct studies on the health challenges faced by newcomers, c) update and perfect tools intended for the sector of the establishment and d) offer health-related training adapted to the needs of the professionals of the establishment.

Finally, it should be noted that this project responds to the health priorities identified in the 2018-2023 Francophone Community Strategic Plan of the FCFA du Canada and thus contributes to strengthening the vitality of the communities.

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The Société Santé en français is a national leader in ensuring, in close collaboration with the Santé en français networks of each province and territory, better access to quality French-language health services.

Contact person:

Hamdi Souissi, project officer

French Health Society


[email protected]

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