President Rumen Radev Comments on Changes to the Bulgarian Constitution and Other Political Issues

December 10, 2023 12:40 p.m


It is not normal for a parliament with critically low civil representation and low public trust to encroach on the Constitution. People’s representatives have other important things to attend to. This was commented by the President Rumen RadevRumen Georgiev Radev is a Bulgarian military, major general from the reserve. Former commander of the past first reading changes to the basic law, which concern the head of state and official offices.

The head of state is visiting Serbia at the invitation of his Serbian counterpart, Aleksandar Vucic, where he participated in a ceremony for the commissioning of the interconnector between Bulgaria and Serbia.

I must not leave the impression that the basic law in the country is being used as a cover and justification for the need for the existence of this coalition, Radev added.

The President commented that there is no way to participate with his proposals for changes to the Constitution in such a parliament with low confidence.

Radev at the opening of the interconnector between Bulgaria and Serbia: Today we are changing the energy map of Europe

Regarding the possibility of vetoing the 2024 Budget, Radev said that he is “confident that the state will not be sold at this point.”

There is a possibility that Bulgaria will become part of the so-called “air Schengen”, this is a step forward, but we must be very careful not to be left with the label “Here, Bulgaria is already in Schengen”. No, it is critical for us to open the land borders. The conditions that the interior minister of Austria sets are hardly acceptable for Bulgaria, added Radev.

Austria set 4 conditions for Bulgaria to admit it to Schengen, but only by air

Asked about the veto of military aid to Ukraine, President Radev said that the people’s representatives should realize that their responsibility is mostly to the Bulgarian citizens, their security and quality of life, and not to other countries.

This should be their understanding of their primary task in this parliament, Radev added.

On farmland, he said what he said had played its part.

“We have assurances that no state land will be sold, but let’s see for ourselves,” the president noted.

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