Prepare to vaccinate all inmates for COVID-19

On December 6, 2022, Somsak Thepsutin, Minister of Justice, revealed that he and his team visited an exhibition of the Department of Corrections last week. Lesson learned from the riots and fire at Buriram Provincial Jail and Krabi Provincial Jail What factors cause prison riots due to overcrowding Including the situation of the virus spreadingCOVID-19 Causing panic, panic and stress of inmates afraid of infection Fear of not being treated and there is no clear separation between sick inmates and normal inmates

Also, most of the staff lack knowledge and understanding of the epidemic, its prevention and actions. There is also a lack of communication and understanding between staff and inmates. in terms of education at that time Than later, the Department of Corrections took lessons and solved various problems, such as setting standards for enforcement operationsPrisoner (SOP) Building Investigative Systems and Networks Quarterly emergency drills

Mr. Somsak further said that the Department of Corrections has set up a working group to study the new prison model which is in line with future prison work. By studying foreign prison models and appropriately applying them to the context of Thai correctional work, divided into 2 types:

1. A New Kind of Jail It’s a college-style jail. medium stability Responds to a variety of missions

2. Special Prisons This is a prison that uses a courtyard/courtyard layout. which clearly separates each territory from each other. At the same time, there is a common area where inmates can change their access times. ready to be converted into specialized prisons such as industrial prisons, sports prisons prisonshe studies

At the end, the Minister of Justice “Although the COVID-19 situation is improving now, I still order the Department of Corrections to closely monitor the situation, find a way to prevent it, not be loose, not cause chaos as before.PrisonerAnother riot, medicine, Andrographis paniculata must be prepared and not broken. and has now been coordinated by the Department of Disease Control whichcovid vaccine-19 Approximately 200,000+ doses to be administered Therefore, the Department of Corrections will vaccinate every inmate in the prison. From now on, the standard of work in prisons must comply with international standards. and develop even better than before. Everything must be transparent and verifiable”.

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