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Premiership: first yes from the Senate commission to the Casellati bill

The Senate Constitutional Affairs Committee has concluded its examination of Casellati bill on the premiership by approving the mandate of the rapporteur Alberto Balboni (FdI) to report to the Chamber.

FdI, FI, Lega, Autonomie voted in favor, Pd, M5s, Avs declared themselves against, while Iv abstained.

The Conference of Group Leaders will now have to schedule the measure in the Chamber.

Reforms, the challenge between intransigents

by Stefano Folli

It is the first green light on the bill which dictates constitutional changes for the introduction of the direct election of the President of the Council of Ministers.

Alessandra Maiorino, of M5s, said that the bill “however short it is a TNT charge under our constitutional architecture, without however saying what the alternative to this architecture is, which is only sketchy”. “Politically – he added – it is an attempt to rewrite history a posteriori. The founding mothers and fathers wanted a plural Constitution for obvious reasons. You erase the last decades from 1948 to today and go back”.

A vote in favor was announced by FI with Daniela Ternullo. “The reform – he said – gives power back to the citizens and stops the games of the Palace”. “We believe that the citizens should decide who governs them, and not the intrigues of the Palace and the transformations. The alternative is simple: democracy is giving the people a voice and we are for that.”

Announcing the Democratic Party’s vote against Andrea Giorgis he stated that “there has never been a real comparison of merit”. To the PD’s proposals and amendments “the response was silence and the acceleration of the work and the presentation of an increasingly contradictory text”. In particular, the election of the Chambers following that of the prime minister “changes and overwhelms the very nature of the Constitution and Parliament”. “The end of the parliamentary Republic is certified, the renunciation of building unity from below is certified, the renunciation of the effort of mediation. The reduction to the choice of the leader is more fragile and weak, with demagogic practices”. All without taking into account the “inconsistencies and grammar of the text”. Giorgis concluded “with an appeal to the Government and the majority: stop, let’s open a discussion on the findings of the constitutionalists”.

Premiership, from the leader without a majority to the fake anti-reversal rule: the five flaws in Meloni’s reform

by Emanuele Lauria

Dafne Musolino, announcing Iv’s abstention, recalled that his group was in favor of the principle of direct election of the prime minister but lamented the closure of the government and majority to the amendments which sought to introduce counterweights: “Labour clashed with the government’s desire to carry out a reform with direct elections, without however paying attention to the other necessary aspects”, such as overcoming perfect bicameralism or the supervisory powers of Parliament. Furthermore “there are unknowns that cannot be left as such” and concerning the electoral system.

A yes to the bill came from the Lega con Daisy Pirovano. “As the League – he said – we have tried to improve the text and we know that there is room for improvement in the Chamber”. The Northern League senator also stated that “it is important that any concern of the opposition is listened to”. “What I understood was the interest in having some critical issues resolved. But there will be a way to intervene in the Chamber even in a more punctual way”. In any case “if the bill is aimed at restoring dignity to politics then the League votes in favour”.

In last night’s session, FdI’s explanations of vote were carried out with Marco Liseiwho had voted in favor, as well as Meinhard Durnwalder for autonomies. The vote against was instead expressed by Avs with the group leader Peppe De Cristofaro.

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