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Prabowo-Gibran Budiman Calls Out Thomas Lembong for Violating Professional Ethics in Statement to President Jokowi

CNN Indonesia

Monday, 22 Jan 2024 23:47 IWST

Budiman said Thomas Lembong violated professional ethics regarding his statement giving cheats to President Jokowi. Photo: CNN Indonesia/Safir Makki

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia

Deputy Chairman of the National Campaign Team (TKN) Expert Council PrabowoGibranBudiman Sudjatmiko, assessed the statement Thomas Lembong about seven years of cheating for President Joko Widodo in violation of professional ethics.

Lembong served as Minister of Trade 2015-2016 and Head of BKPM 2016-2019 during the Jokowi era. Now, he sits as Co Captain of the AMIN National Team.

“Moreover, calling his father, Mas Gibran, violates professional ethics. Even though candidate pair one often talks about ethics,” said Budiman in a written statement, Monday (22/1).

Budiman believes that Lembong should not make such statements to the general public. According to him, this could make all parties uncomfortable.

He mentioned that the duty of a minister is to give input to the president.

Budiman admitted that the president does not understand everything in detail. Therefore, the president still needs the help of his ministers.

“This professional unethicality will make both the old boss and the new boss uncomfortable. Because it could potentially happen to them. This is a matter of ethics that is often discussed by Pak Anies and Cak Imin,” he said.

Apart from that, Budiman also said that the ‘cheat’ called Lembong cannot be compared to the cheat sheet that Cak Imin read in yesterday’s debate.

“In the context of Cak Imin, he only read. Moreover, if he had been given input as to why Cak Imin couldn’t understand Mas Gibran’s question, it still didn’t connect,” he said.

During the fourth debate for the 2024 presidential election yesterday, Gibran often mentioned Lembong’s name, especially when he “beat up” Cak Imin.

One of them was when he asked about the Lithium Ferro Phosphate (LFP) issue.

“Mr. Tom Lembong often echoes this. Lithium ferro-phosphate. This is a bit strange, yes, it’s the Timses who often talk about LFP, but the cawapres doesn’t understand what LFP is. I don’t know, Mr. Tom Lembong and his Timses often don’t discuss it with the cawapres. His cawapres period “Don’t understand? It’s strange, you know,” he said.

Responding to this, Lembong estimated that Gibran mentioned his name a lot because he missed him and probably wanted to get quality input from him regarding the topics discussed in the debate.

He said that he had previously often given quality input to Jokowi, who is Gibran’s father for 7 years as the Indonesian president’s right hand man.

“I really appreciate Mas Gibran’s words, who repeatedly mentioned my name. Of course, during the 7 years of writing speeches for his father, the president, I detected a feeling of longing, perhaps because I was no longer there to provide quality input,” he said as quoted from the video. CNBCIndonesia TV entitled Your Money Your Vote.


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