Postpone the competition! The game of Khan Thep-Dragon King had to end after the rain in the 53rd minute.

The Thai League football match between True Bangkok United and Ratchaburi FC had to end in 53 minutes as the two teams were still tied 0-0 after the pouring rain. until he could not compete.As a result, the game was postponed.

Football Revo Thai League 2022/23 Sunday 18th September 2022 “The Gods” True Bangkok United open field Real stadium welcome the visit of “Dragon King” Ratchaburi FC

Aurelio Widmar local manager He still uses the same players from the last game. Xabi Moro The coach of Ratchaburi, the guest is absent. Victory of Hein Phyo A Myanmar player who was banned for a red card in the last game. then he turned to use Rafael Jansen and changes from Kiattisak Jeamudom come and use Pawe Tandatemi

At 2 ‘Mahmoud Dahadda crosses in midfield for Chayawat Srinawong, sending the ball behind Vander Louis to drag in, but it goes to Park Jun-hyung, Ratchaburi’s defender.

In the 10th minute Ratchaburi FC opens the corner, Chakrabhan Kaewprom crosses into the penalty area and it is Rafael Janssen who heads the ball out.

After the 18th minute, Chakrabhand Kaewprom threw the ball to Sitthichok Kannu to shoot, but Suphan Thongsong blocked the shot.

Then, on 22 minutes, Darley got the second ball. before dragging himself into the penalty area but shot out of frame

At 24 ‘Chayawat receives the ball, drags it in and pulls the trigger, but the ball flies away.

In the 28th minute, Heberty Fernandes opened a free-kick, Everton Goncalves headed in, but Kampol Pathomakul got the ball.

After the first 45 minutes, both teams could not do anything. The score is still tied at 0-0.

Until 19.40 on 53 ‘the game had to be temporarily suspended. due to force majeure due to atmospheric conditions after heavy rain forcing the match commissioner to postpone the match for 30 minutes.

Then at 8:15 pm Tournament Supervisor, referee evaluation including judge inspected the pitch again due to continuous rain and field conditions are not yet available forcing the match supervisor to postpone the match for another 30 minutes

8.45pm Tournament Supervisor, Referee Evaluation Including Judge inspected the court a second time and ordered the field staff to expel the water

But then at 9.20pm Tournament Supervisor, Referee Evaluation including Judge and both teams decided it

“From the continuous pouring rain the match supervisor, the evaluating judge including the judge The field conditions were evaluated every 30 minutes 3 times, which concluded that If the competition continues It will be dangerous for the players of both teams. Include the conditions of the pitch is not favorable to the decision of the VAR because the line is not clearly visible. Therefore, the match was interrupted in the 53rd minute by the Thai League Company Limited. The new match time will be announced later. “

List of 11 starting players on the pitch

True Bangkok United: Michael Falkesgaard (GK), Tristan Do, Suphan Thongsong, Everton Goncalves, Peerapat Notechaiya, Deek Limwansathien, Thitiphan Phuangchan, Mahmood Dahadda, Heberty Fernandes, Vander Louis, Chayawat Srinawong

Ratchaburi FC: Kamphon Pathomunkul (GK), Pawee Tantatemei, Rafael Janssen, Park Jun-hyung, Jirawat Thongsangpraw, Pathomchai Suasakul, Kritsanonsri Suwan, Chakrapan Kaewprom, Sittichok Kannu, Alvin Fortes, Darley

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