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Postal bonds are among the most used forms of investment, among these there is one to be made by Christmas which is really convenient: here’s what you need to know

As you may well know, postal bonds are often one of the most used forms of investment, among the different types there is one to be subscribed by Christmas: but what is it about? Here’s what you need to know about it.

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There was a time when many savers preferred i botsprobably because of the higher interest rate. But now it seems that many are preferring i again good they became to other forms of investment.

These may have different maturities and although perhaps the interest rate turns out to be lower than other types of investment, the vouchers made at the post office continue to be among the favourites. But why?

Probably the reason is that the emission is done by Cassa Depositi e Loans. And perhaps also because these have the guarantee of the Italian State. Then there is another reason and that is: once expired, the sum originally invested is returned to the interested party with interest. These are not subject to changes in the financial market.

Postal bonds: the different types

Maybe not everyone knows it, but there is a good fruit really convenient but not everyone can access it since it provides for special conditions: here’s what you need to know about it.

Returning to the key topic of this article, during the previous months the various types of bonds had an increase with respect to interest. The consequence was greater convenience for savers who consequently thought of using them more as a form of investment.

As is well known, there are a number of possibilities inherent in savings bonds. One of them is Three years Plus. With this solution it is possible to block a sum of money for three years with an interest rate of 1.50 percent (the annual interest is gross).

Then there is the three times two solution. In this case, the sum is tied up for six years and the interest rate is two per cent gross.

Three by four. With a maturity of twelve years and the interest per annum is 2.50 per cent gross. There is four by four. The maturity of these is sixteen years and the interest is three per cent gross each year. Finally, there is the ordinary interest-bearing bond and that for minors. The first expires twenty years after subscription and the interest is 2.50 per cent gross.

The second, however, lasts until the interested party turns eighteen. The interest is 4.50 percent gross annually.

Then there is the Sustainable Savings Coupon. This lasts for seven years and the interest rate is 1.50 percent. The Renew Voucher, this lasts for six years and can be done if you have an expired voucher. Then there is the Inheritance Solution Voucher. This lasts four years and can only be done if you have an inheritance proceeding completed with the Italian public company.

Finally, there is also the possibility of a four-year voucher. Simple Savings. In this case, however, there is the possibility of subscribing only if you already have a simple savings plan.

Postal voucher by Christmas: here’s what you need to know

It can be seen from the various good listed that one of the most convenient is the one made for children under eighteen. This could in fact be a welcome gift for Christmas.

This can be signed by an adult family member, but the holder is still the person who will benefit from the amount once they turn eighteen.

It is possible to subscribe to the voucher in question regardless of how old the minor is. Obviously, the interest rate varies. This is 2.50 percent from one year and six months up to three years.

Then it gradually increases, in fact, from four years onwards it is 2.75 percent. At five years it is 3 percent. From six to seven years the interest is 3.25 per cent. From eight to eleven years it is 3.50 per cent. From twelve to fifteen the interest rate is 4 percent. And finally from sixteen to eighteen the interest rises to 4.50 per cent.

For example, if you want to give your child a gift and this is for 1,000 euros, then you can use the voucher for minors. On the post office web page there is the possibility to simulate the calculation.

The sum to be tied up is entered (in this case 1,000 euros), then the date on which the person concerned was born is entered. Then click on simulate, at this point the net sum will be generated.

In short, there really is the possibility of giving your grandchildren or children a nice Christmas present which perhaps will not be a gift to be discarded immediately, but which will certainly be very useful in the future.

As usual, before subscribing to any voucher, it is always better to seek the advice of an expert on the subject who will certainly be able to evaluate each specific case submitted to his attention.

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