Positive Symptoms of Corona getting worse, the Palestinian Secretary General was brought to Israel

TEL AVIV, KOMPAS.com – Secretary General of the Liberation Organization Palestine (PLO) Saeb erekat brought to Israel due to breathing problems. He was diagnosed with it Covid-19 two weeks ago.

Erekat, 65, was evacuated from his home in Jericho, West Bank, to Hadassah Medical Center in the Ein Kerem area of ​​West Tel Aviv after his condition worsened on Sunday (18/10/2020), according to the PLO Negotiation Department statement.

According to the quoted PLO statement Russian Today, the politician was evacuated because of “chronic health problems he is experiencing in the respiratory system”.

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Amichai Stein reporter tv Israel CAN wrote on Twitter that Tel Aviv had agreed to the Palestinian Authority’s request for Erekat to be removed for immediate treatment.

The PLO confirmed that Saeb Erekat, a prominent Palestinian diplomat, tested positive for Covid-19 on October 8.

Reports at the time said he was under quarantine at home and was experiencing mild symptoms.

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Saeb Erekat is believed to be prone to complications from Covid-19 because of his medical history, including a heart attack in 2012 and a lung transplant in 2017.

Until Monday (19/10/2020) morning WIB Worldometers record the total cases corona virus in Palestine was 47,135, with 408 victims dying and 40,498 patients recovering.

Meanwhile in Israel, the total number of cases was far higher at 303,109 which put him in the 24th world rank.

The country led by PM Benjamin Netanyahu recorded 2,209 deaths due to Covid-19 and 268,093 patients recovering.

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