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Positive European Stock Markets Soar After Polish Vote: Milan +0.7%

Stock market: Europe does well in the final with the Polish vote, Milan +0.7%

Positive European stock markets at the end following the Polish vote, which, with the counting still underway, rewards a possible coalition in favor of the EU. Milan and Madrid gain 0.7%, London 0.6%, Paris 0.5% and Frankfurt 0.45%. Warsaw, on the other hand, was brilliant, rising by 5.31% driven by the banks. US price lists are positive, with the New York manufacturing index better than estimates (-4.6 points instead of the -7 expected). The spread between German 10-year BTPs and Bunds fell further to 197.6 points, with the Italian annual yield falling by 1.3 points to 4.75% and the German one rising by 4.7 points to 2.78% in day of approval of the maneuver by the Council of Ministers. The dollar fell to 0.94 euros, 0.82 pounds and 97.35 rubles. Crude oil is falling (WTI -0.15% to 87.61 dollars per barrel), while natural gas consolidates below 49 euros per MWh, with futures for November down by 10.27% to 48.43 euros . Gold is rising (+0.15% to 1,920.6
dollars per ounce) and above all steel (+0.5% to 3,642 dollars per ton). Leading the way are the Polish banks Bank Polska (+12.7%), Powszechna Bank (+10.97%), and Santander Bank Polska (+6.89%). Highlights include Commerzbank (+5.42%), Virgin Money (+4.49%) and the Italians Unicredit (+2.21%), Bper (+1.86%) and Banco Bpm (+1.75%) . More cautious Mps (+0.83%), after a spurt following the confirmation of the exit of the Treasury by the end of 2024 by the Minister of Economy Giancarlo Giorgetti, and Intesa (+0.5%

2023-10-16 19:27:52
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