Portal ‘Delfi’ receives two journalists’ associations’ Excellence Awards 2019 ‘

On Friday, August 21, the editor-in-chief of the portal “Delfi” Ingus Bērziņš received the Latvian Journalists’ Association’s (LLA) “Excellence Award 2019” in the category “Editor of the Year”, but in the category “Performance in minority languages” descriptive journalism work “Побег 94 / Breakout 94”.

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Breakout 94 “ is a large – scale project on the largest escape of prisoners in the history of Latvia, which turned 25 years old. The work shows the extensive use of sources and the use of interactive visual elements (restoration of events with an interactive map of the prison territory).

Diāna Čučkova, Olga Petrova, Kristīna Hudenko took care of the content in creating the series of articles, and Māris Morkāns took care of the photo materials. The editors of the project were Anatoly Golubov and Alina Semenihina. The Latvian translation was provided by Egita Pandare, and the literary proofreading was provided by Līgija Ciekure. The design and development was realized by Natalija Šindikova, Ilze Vanovska, Artis Gulbis, Karīna Ļašuka and Artis Dzundza.

Photo: DELFI

“Editor of the Year” Bērziņš has been working in journalism since 1994 and is a true enthusiast of quality journalism. Ingus himself writes extensive multimedia stories and interviews, teaches new talents by lecturing on modern journalism, as he himself has stood at the cradle of digital journalism, runs the Delfi editorial office and is truly able to inspire others for new and daring projects.

One of the biggest prides of Ingus Bērziņš lately is “Delfi plus” – a unique content, which thousands of “Delfi” readers appreciate and support every day with their payment.

“Delfi” nominated in three categories this year with four works – “Delfi TV with Jānis Domburs” team article series nominated in the category “Analytics / Research” “Bags open”, “Delfi” and “Spektr Press” report from Ukraine were nominated in the category “News / Report” War ecology, but two were nominated in the category “Performance in the minority language”rus.delfi.lv“research and descriptive journalism “Трудности перевода / Lost in translation” and the winner “Escape 94 / Breakout 94 “.

For all prize winners possible read here.

The applications were judged by the LUA jury – Marta Cerava, editor-in-chief of the public media portal “Lsm.lv”, Daiga Bitiniece, editor-in-chief of the newspaper “Kurzemnieks”, journalist Gunta Sloga, imga editor Inga Gorbunova, LTV journalist Jānis Geste and former Latvian Radio manager Sigita Rock.

“Delfi” has also previously received LAS awards, “for example, in the category” Cultural Journalism “for a cycle of cultural and historical lectures”Vaidelote“, which tells about important moments and personalities in Latvia. In turn, Jānis Domburs received the Inta Brikše Memorial Award for outstanding contribution to journalism for returning to journalism and his performance in the program”Delfi TV with Jānis DombursAwards have also been received in the “Visualization” category for a project dedicated to 30 years since the Chernobyl disaster, as well as a series of stories “# 10 Memory – A Multimedia Story“.

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