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Pope: peace between Russia and Ukraine is possible, don’t forget the poor – Vatican News

On Friday 18 November, the Italian newspaper La Stampa published an interview with Pope Francis. The pope took the opportunity to speak on many topics, including the current war in Ukraine, his upcoming family visit to Asti in northern Italy, and his nearly decade-long ministry to Peter.

(Vatican News Network)Peace between Russia and Ukraine is “still possible”, and the Holy See is willing to do everything in its power to put an end to this armed conflict. Pope Francis underlined this hope in an interview with Domenico Agasso of the Italian newspaper La Stampa. In this interview, Pope Francis discussed many topics, including his upcoming family visit to Asti, in the Piedmont region of northern Italy, and his reflections on nearly ten years of Peter’s pastoral ministry.

In the interview, which appeared on Friday 18 November, the Pope insisted on the fact that war is an absurdity. He stressed that humanity has not learned the lessons of the previous two world wars. “Once you understand that behind all this tragedy is the hunger for power and the arms trade, it makes you angry and heartbreaking.”

When asked about the Vatican’s diplomatic efforts to promote a ceasefire and peace talks, the pope said the Holy See continued to monitor the situation “and is willing to do everything possible to mediate and end the conflict.” At the same time, the Holy See has also continued to provide humanitarian assistance to the suffering Ukrainian people and to support those trapped in the war.

The pope revealed that he has never given up hope for lasting peace and reconciliation between Moscow and Kiev. However, “everyone must commit to disarming their hearts, starting with themselves, to then repress violence and lay down their arms”.

It coincided with Pope Francis traveling north to Asti to visit his relatives, speaking of the close ties he still has with his relatives in his hometown and his deep affection for the Piedmont region. This is due to the pope’s grandmother Rosa, because Pope Bergoglio learned the dialect of his country from his grandmother as a child, and recited the poems of his country.

Having said this, the Pope once again underlined the importance of family roots. Starting from the level of culture and family relationships, the Pope reiterated that young people should dialogue as much as possible with their grandparents. This helps to “maintain a link with one’s roots, which is fundamental for cultural and social growth, as well as for the development of one’s personality”.

When asked about his favorite home-cooked meals, Pope Francis also stressed the urgent need to address the hunger “scandal” that has afflicted millions of people around the world. “This should be a priority for everyone,” the Pope said. “Those who are fortunate enough to have enough food every day, don’t waste it and teach the children to do so. .” .Hunger is a scandal, a shame, and a crime.”

2023 will be the tenth anniversary of Bergoglio’s election as pope. In this regard, Pope Francis said he was always happy that the Lord sent him. “It’s a service, and it’s a service the church wants me to do,” he said.

The Pope thus underlined the importance of a daily examination of conscience. He also helps to understand the situation around us and the state of our heart, and to listen to others, especially the “little ones”, such as children, the elderly and the poor.

Furthermore, in this interview, the journalist also asked about the official visit to the Vatican by Giorgia Meloni, the first woman president of the newly installed Italian Council. The pope stressed that in Italy he does not intervene on specific political issues and that the new government is elected by the people. The Pope concluded by inviting world leaders not to forget the poor.

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