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LATINA – The ASL of Latina has obtained yet another recognition on the quality of the services it provides. He is among the winners of the 2020 edition of the Digital Innovation Award in health of the FI Management School of the Politecnico di Milano. Our ASL was awarded in the category “Covid 19 emergency management in the hospital and on the territory”.

“DG Casati and his team have achieved this recognition as the ASL has distinguished itself for a home remote monitoring protocol for Covid-19 patients, which has made it possible to intercept any situations of clinical deterioration early, to provide home care for positive patients with mild symptoms and to ensure a territorial health response in line with regional directives. A monitoring center made up of dedicated nursing staff, with specialist pneumological consultancy for support and interaction with the Medicine of the Territory “, says the provincial secretary of the Pd Claudio Moscardelli who continues:” The raising of the quality of services provided by the ASL of Latina it is a recognized fact. The strengthening of territorial medicine, the use of technology to improve the service to patients together with some achievements have placed the Province of Latina at regional and national attention. The Latina hospital is in the final phase of accreditation as a level II DEA, the only hospital outside Rome with high specialties. We are no longer tributaries of Rome and Latina is a point of reference. The PD is committed to stimulating investments in hospitals and territorial structures, health personnel and diagnostics throughout the provincial territory. Quality grows according to a new model with the person and their health needs at the center, overcoming the centrality of structures and containers in general. Planning, organization and recruitment carried out by the Casati team have given excellent results and it is necessary to continue on this path. Investments in healthcare are proceeding and the ESM is not expected. The Region had already refinanced the hospital in the Gulf and the feasibility study is being approved by the Region to go to tender. In the Latina hospital, investments are made on the current structure (9 million euros for the new wing of the hospital and completion of the emergency room work), on personnel and on diagnostics. For the new hospital I remember that after many years of commissioner, the PD moved promptly to engage the Region using the resources already available with the law on healthcare construction. With the end of the debt commissioner, one billion euros was released for Lazio. After the motion of a year ago proposed by the PD Regional Councilors of the province and unanimously approved by the Regional Council, the PD met Councilor D’Amato last December who, in concert with President Zingaretti, decided to foresee and finance the new Latina hospital on 13 hectares owned by the Region in Borgo Piave. The formal provision for the insertion of the new hospital in Latina into the new hospital network was issued by President Zingaretti and was financed by the Ministry for 60 million euros for the energy aspect and another 240 million are allocated by the Lazio Region from the fund of 1 billion for the Lazio health building law.

The Mes is not expected and there are no finance projects but full public funding. The funds are entirely public and this will make it possible to allocate the current Goretti property totally to the needs of the Latina ASL, saving rents and having spaces for user services.

The PD of the province of Latina and the two regional councilors of the PD have obtained the concrete decision of the Region and there is a commitment to follow all the steps to go to tender as soon as possible for the design and construction “, concludes Moscardelli.


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