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Polish Elections 2022: Will Law and Justice Lose Power to Civil Union? Analysis and Implications

In the elections held in Poland at the end of the week, the national conservative party of Jaroslav Kaczynski Law and justice after eight years in power, is likely to lose power, despite being able to retain the largest number of supporters. The coalition of center and left forces formed by the liberal opposition, led by former European Council President Donald Tusk, is quite simply getting more seats in the parliament, and potential government partners have already said that they prefer cooperation with Tuska Civil union. Do conservatives in Latvia have a reason to look at this with caution, because opinions have already been voiced that Poland will be the trendsetter in the region in this clash of liberal and conservative ideas?

There are usually many aspects to politics, and there is no single short answer here either. In Polish politics, the confrontation between “Kaczynski and Tusk” has been going on for a total of 20 years, and there is, if not hatred, then a fight between these forces. In this election, Tusk against Kaczynska Law and justice has brought together a wide political spectrum, including both liberals and leftists, which could also be reflected in the composition of the new government.

Another thing is that for years the Brussels mainstream, let’s call it that, which are the leaders of several member states, also the leadership of the European Commission, the majority of the European Parliament, tried in Poland Law and justice remove from power, therefore they present this election result as a huge success and victory. Because Law and justice already, as you rightly mentioned, won the election, only Tusk has a wider number of potential partners, where the determining factor is not ideology, but “that only against Kaczynski”.

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