Polar bears win 5-0 against Krefeld: culture of play beats culture of stumbling – sport

It was to be expected that not all teams would start the season of the German Ice Hockey League (DEL) smoothly. The preparations for a season that could only begin in December were too different. The Eisbären Berlin are doing quite well after three games, as they proved on Monday evening in their home game against the Krefeld Pinguine.

The team from Niederrhein, on the other hand, falls into the category of teams that stumble more than play. What the Krefeld team delivered in Berlin was helpless ice hockey, which is rarely rewarded in this form in this league. The polar bears came in lean gear to their second victory in the third game, winning 5-0 (1-0, 2-0, 2-0). For Krefeld it was the third defeat in the third game and many Krefeld defeats are likely to follow.

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The second third alone is enough to prove Berlin’s dominance. Four times, for a total of eight minutes, the polar bears were outnumbered and still they won the section 2-0. The many Russian players in the Krefeld team impressively demonstrated that there are many average Russian players.

Goalkeeper Marvin Cüpper, a former Berliner, was still the best Krefeld on the ice for a long time – but then made a few mistakes. With the polar bears, on the other hand, the great art of ice hockey was not popular either, but it was enough for success. Kris Foucault, Matt White (2), Mark Olver, and Leo Pföderl scored for the Berliners, where Marcel Noebels in particular attracted attention with good ideas – such as White’s underpaid goal.

The victory could then be checked off very quickly for the polar bears. After all, the players couldn’t do a lap of honor in front of the fans in the arena at Ostbahnhof in the empty hall. The Berliners were able to take a longer break in good spirits. The game in Iserlohn will not continue until January 5th.

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