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[Pokémon GO]A form to teach you how to exchange Pokémon to be sure to shine/Be the first to report on time-traveling events along the route/All rewards for hatching certificates

The new event “Along the Route” will be held tomorrow, December 5th, from 10am on December 5th to 8pm on December 8th. This event will bring a new character Madeo, And combined with previously opened route activities for players to participate, how to encounter Madeo?

New character Madeo along the route

As long as you play the route, you will have a chance to meet him at the end, and Madeo will exchange with you the friendship gifts collected from everywhere. When exchanging gifts, what everyone thinks of is that you can collect different patterns from all over the world. Pink Butterfly, as the event begins, there will also be a new special investigation topic called “Let’s Meet on the Road.”

So…this event is not to make it easier for players to collect cells, but to collect pink butterflies from all over the world?

Wild Pokémon along the route

In the wild, you can encounter lava bugs, war dancers, jumping pigs, ugly fish, little yorks, rolling bats, electric flying squirrels, braided sheep and cloth dogs. Among them, the hairy horn sheep, the evolved form of war dancers and braided sheep, can be encountered. , in the Super Alliance and Advanced Alliance XL Sugar Filling is very good, and it also has a good ranking. Friends who are playing PVP can watch it by themselves.

Seven kilometers along the route: Danchi

The 7-kilometer egg pool has also been updated. It can hatch out the Xicui Kati dog, Togepi, Xunla and Xicui’s Xunla, Pencaiguai and Miaomiao. All of them have open heterochromatic forms, among which Xicui’s Xunla Tsui’s Nura is a newly released Pokémon with different colors in this event. The Pokémon with different colors looks more fierce, and Nura has two kinds of appearance: male and female. If you want to hatch the Pokémon with different colors, you can It’s more challenging.

As for the event rewards, after the event starts, all egg hatching distances will be reduced to half. The experience value of rotating the supply station for the first time every day will be increased to 5 times. During the rest of the time, the experience value of rotating the supply station will be 3 times, and friendship will be opened. The amount of new dust gained from gifts will be doubled.

If you can’t get a different color when hatching an egg, you can also wait until the event starts to see if the field investigation topic will be easier, and you can also solve the problem of Xi Cui Xuan La. During the event, there will also be limited-time survey tasks related to giving away friendly gifts. After completing them, you can also get the opportunity to look forward to the different-colored green turtles, in addition to the ugly fish, braided sheep and cloth.

The protagonists of the talent show along the route this time are Xuan La and Xicui Xuan La. However, these two kinds of Xuan La are not seen in the wild, so the one with a huge physique depends on luck.

Next, let’s preview the “Beyond Time” event that has been announced on the official website. The event time is from 10 am on December 11th to 8pm on December 15th. The Kanto region Pokémon in 2016 will be in the wild. Appear.

A table teaches you how to exchange Pokémon to be sure to shine

Another focus of this event is that after exchanging Pokémon, the Pokémon will definitely shine. The upper limit has been increased from the original 15 to 25. If the official conditions are met, Pokémon will definitely shine when exchanging. Hugo crawled through the previous articles and sorted them out, as shown in the table.

If there are any errors or omissions in the information, please help us make corrections.

For detailed instructions and the rest of the “Beyond Time” activity, please click on Hugo’s video below to watch.

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