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PlayStation boss: ‘We considered postponing the launch of PS5’

In the first countries, the PlayStation 5 last Thursday, but from today the first Dutch will have the PS5 at home. These are people who ordered the game console in presale on September 17. Within minutes, the pre-orders sold out that day. A few large Dutch web shops say they will receive new stocks in December.

How much PlayStation 5game consoles were available at launch, Jim Ryan, CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, makes no statements. Jan Meijroos interviewed him for Bright.

How do you look back on this bizarre year?

Ryan: “You make plans for a new game console, which will appear once every seven to eight years, and then suddenly March 2020 came. Of course, a game console is not developed in 12 months, that is a process of years, but this year everything had to be done. we did meet in that one month. And we succeeded. “

When did you realize that things were going differently than expected?

“No one could predict the magnitude of the corona pandemic, but in America we saw it quickly go wrong. I have been with my family in England since the outbreak. It is wonderful to be able to spend more time with them, but no one could have foreseen that. eight months later we are still in the stranglehold of the virus. “

What were the biggest challenges?

“You can’t go to suppliers of parts. Developers don’t sit together, that puts the creative process under pressure. There were also no more fairs where we could introduce the public to the new game console. Normally gamers at events like Gamescom had and Paris Game Week can already play with the PS5. “

Was there a moment when you thought, ‘We’re putting it off to 2021’?

“We took everything into account and discussed different scenarios. We briefly considered delaying the launch of the PlayStation 5, but it was never a real option. We have all worked very hard and now see the best PlayStation launch. ever.”

Is that true? You already bid after the chaotic pre-sale apologies. Also, critics say there is no real hit game to buy the PS5 right away?

“When I look at the tremendous power of the PlayStation 5, the amount of consoles we have available worldwide, and the number of games that are playable at launch, we can certainly speak of the most successful launch.”

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