PlayStation 5 users started complaining about drift of analog sticks on DualSense controllers

The Reddit forums have seen a growing number of complaints from PlayStation 5 game console owners regarding analog stick drift on DualSense game controllers. Some note that the breakdown occurred less than two weeks after the console was purchased. By the way, the first complaints about this problem began to appear in December last year.

Drift leads to the fact that the analog sticks incorrectly register the player’s movements, which leads to spontaneous camera movement in the game. For example, a Reddit user posted a video showing how the camera in Destiny 2 rotates on its own, although the player does not touch the analog stick to rotate it.

The same problem has been observed with previous Sony gamepads. Sony has previously tried to fix the drift sticks with a software update, but it appears to have failed. Probably the reason lies in the hardware stuffing of the gamepad.

The manufacturer recommends that PlayStation 5 owners contact technical support, since the solution to the problem with drift of DualSense analog sticks is included in the company’s warranty. However, as the resource points out Kotaku, having barely reached PlayStation support, will have to pay for the delivery of the gamepad to the service center out of pocket. The manufacturer is ready to cover the costs of returning the controller back to the owner.

The journalists contacted Sony, but they have not yet commented on the situation in more detail.

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