Pity as a competition for Dacia? Our competitors are different, says the new head of Schäfer

The new Chairman of the Board of Directors of Škoda Auto, Thomas Schäfer, wants to continue the successful course set by its predecessor.

Carmaker Since August this year, Škoda Auto has had a new Chairman of the Board of Directors, Thomas Schäfer, the current CEO of the Volkswagen Group ‘s South African office. Quite unexpectedly in this post replaced the current head of the company Bernhard Maier, which has raised concerns, especially in the unions, about whether Maier ‘s successor will change the course of the brand. However, Thomas Schäfer ruled out such a thing at a meeting with the Škoda unions. He wants to build on the success of his predecessor.

“I will not reject the work of my predecessors. My goal is to continue the successful course of the Škoda brand in the coming years. I also emphasized this in my meeting with the Prime Minister. It is clear that sometimes it will not be possible without conflict or quarrel, but I will always defend our goal. “ Schäfer was quoted by the weekly Škodovácký odborář, which deals with what is happening inside the Mladá Boleslav car factory. The new head of Škoda said these words at a meeting of the Works Council.

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