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Pieter Omtzigt (CDA) is always annoyingly tweeting former senator Kees de Lange

Kees de Lange was once a member of the Senate for the Independent Senate Group (OSF) for about four years, also did something at 50PLUS until he got into a fight with Jan Nagel and then also got a receipt with his own OSF on which he focused. then split off from his own one-man faction in the Senate. Weird story, can be read here. Well, is now angry twittering senior citizen. Recently, his Twitter arrows have often been directed at CDA MP Pieter Omtzigt. Friday night was the door TPO honored (and One today) Eik van Enschede is done with it.

The Grabbelton in The Hague is a section of notes, rumors, observations and unproven theories from the National Meeting Room. But you will also find the crumbs that the columns almost did not reach and hopefully also some currants from the Haagse Pap.

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