Pidie holds mass immunization against polio

Banda Aceh (ANTARA) – The government of Pidie Regency carried out mass polio immunization for children aged 0-13 after polio cases were detected in Mane district, Pidie Regency.

“The declaration of polio drip immunization (OPV) has been carried out to deal with polio outbreaks (KLB) in Pidie from the four cases that have been found,” Wahyudi Adisiswanto said in Sigli on Monday.

He made this statement on the sidelines of the first test of the polio vaccine which took place in the town square of Sigli and was attended by 1,000 children.

He explained that the implementation of the simultaneous vaccination will last until December 4 and will continue at Puskesmas with the first supply received by the Indonesian Ministry of Health for a total of 2,200 vials of vaccine, per vial of 50 drops.

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So his party also carried out case investigations, samplings, environmental interventions, advocacy, awareness raising and capacity building of all sectors, health workers and cadres as a quick move to handle the case.

The Pidie Regency Government is committed to protecting all Pidie children from the threat of immunization-preventable diseases such as hepatitis, tuberculosis, diphtheria, whooping cough, measles, and polio.

“We emphasize that henceforth, all children under five in Pidie Regency, without exception, must receive immunization protection benefits,” said Wahyudi Adisiswanto.

According to him, this immunization program is a joint responsibility of the government and society in an effort to protect Pidie children from diseases that can be prevented by immunization.

It is targeting 95 percent of the 90,904 targeted children in the local area to receive a full immunization to break the chain of transmission and protect children from polio, and hopes Pidie will be polio-free.

“Implementation of this rapid response with the participation of all parties and we express thousands of thanks to the Ministry of Health, the WHO Team, the Unicef ​​Team, the Aceh Health Office Team and all parties involved,” he said Wahyudi Adisiswanto.

Meanwhile, the Director General of P2P at the Indonesian Ministry of Health, Maxi Rein Rondonuwu, said the Central Ministry wanted every incident of withered paralysis reported so that it could be handled immediately and then prepared the intervention with the National Immunization Sub Week (PIN).

“This rapid implementation process, not only involved the central government, but we also coordinated to get permission from WHO and in parallel we made preparations and thank God today it can be demonstrated,” said Maxi Rein Rondonuwu.

He said this case has occurred twice since the polio certificate was issued, namely in 2018 the type one case occurred in Papua and now in 2022 it occurred in Aceh, Pidie district.

According to him, vaccination coverage has decreased in Indonesia in the last two years since the COVID-19 pandemic.

“So not only Aceh but also 30 other provinces are at high risk because the full vaccination coverage is still very low,” he said.*

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Reporter: M Ifdhal
Publisher: Erafzon Saptiyulda AS

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