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Photos of the iPhone 2G prototype resurface

The operating system of this iPhone had its own features.

A few days ago, pictures ofa new version of the first iTouch appeared on the web. This time, it was the snapshots of a prototype of the first Apple smartphone that appeared on Twitter, shared by le leaker DongleBookPro.

These photos show a different design and operating system than the first iPhone. This prototype indeed has a slightly larger mute button. We can also see a notification bell engraved on the switch. Beyond that, the design of the prototype is very similar to the final version of the first iPhone, with the black horizontal bar.

Credit: DongleBookPro

As for the operating software, the photos shared by the leaker suggest a different design from that of the final version of the iPhone OS, the first name of iOS. The rendering seems less successful than that of the final version. We can therefore imagine that this is a variant of the operating software during its development. We know how much Steve Jobs paid special attention to the icons of his software. However, here, the logo of the various applications and features does not yet seem to be in line with what Apple was already doing at the time.

Credit: DongleBookPro

As a reminder, the first iPhone was presented in January 2007 by Steve Jobs, in San Francisco. It was then marketed in June of the same year in the United States and a year later in several European countries.

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