Photo of Bringing Cellphones in Lapas Circulating, Setya Novanto Is Given a Warning


Former Speaker of the House of Representatives Setya Novanto, who is now languishing in the Sukamiskin Prison, again caused a stir after taking a photo with cell phone in front of it circulates. Head of Sukamiskin Headquarters, Elly Yuzar, said that Novanto had been given a warning.

“The person concerned has been summoned and warned about the violation of the rules,” said Yuzar when contacted, Saturday (17/7/2021).

He said the photo showing Novanto and a number of other inmates sitting in front of the dining table was taken during Eid al-Adha last year. Apart from Novanto, there is another person holding a cell phone in the photo.

“After U.S cross-check some of the photos that came in, the condition was the atmosphere during Eid al-Adha, some photos were seen roasting beef,” said Yuzar.

He did not explain in detail where Novanto got the cell phone. According to him, inmates are not allowed to bring cell phones.

“Regarding the cellphone, it is a violation of the code of conduct in the prison and we will immediately follow up,” he said.

The Directorate General of Corrections (Pas) Kemenkumham also intervened to investigate this matter. The Directorate General of Pas will investigate where the cellphone in front of Novanto came from.

“If cell phone obviously can’t. Yes, if you want to take a photo, it can be anyone, that’s really being checked first. If media friends really want to know, right, anyone can take a photo,” said Head of Public Relations and Publication of the Directorate General of Past Rika Aprianti.

Setya Novanto was found guilty in the e-KTP corruption case and sentenced to 15 years in prison, a fine of IDR 500 million, a subsidiary of 6 months in prison, revocation of political rights for 5 years, and an obligation to pay compensation of USD 7.3 million

After being executed at the Sukamiskin Prison, Novanto made a scene several times, starting from a luxury cell to taking a trip out of prison. Novanto was also transferred to the Gunung Sindur detention center for causing a tantrum at the Sukamiskin Prison.

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