Phil Collins wants ex-wife he was with again from their …

It is on the upper arm at the Phil Collins house. The singer / drummer has made it clear to Orianne Cevey, the wife he divorced but became a couple with again, that she has to leave their house because she was secretly married to another man two months ago. Cevey refuses to leave and threatens to hang Collins’s dirty laundry outside.

The situation between Phil Collins and Orianne Cevey is complex. The two got married in 1999 and had two sons together, but after only nine years, their marriage broke down. They divorced in 2008. That was not without discussion at the time: Cevey received a whopping $ 46 million from Collins. The woman soon remarried, but in 2016 she left her husband to re-couple with the man behind hits like In the air tonight in Against all odds.

The love was temporarily very big again between the two, but according to Collins it is now definitely over. This has everything to do with Cevey’s secret marriage: two months ago she was said to have married another man in Las Vegas while she told Collins she was on a business trip.

The singer now wants her out of his house as soon as possible. According to TMZ he had given his ex until 3 p.m. Friday to disappear. She didn’t. On the contrary: she even changed the alarm codes. Collins is therefore going to court on Monday to have her officially evicted from his home. Cevey doesn’t want that to happen, and threatens to come up with “shameful revelations” about the singer.

Photo: AP

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