Peugeot e-1008 (2025). The Brazilian urban SUV also in Europe?


Marketed from 2005 to 2009, the Peugeot 1007, the only representative of the “1000” series to date, has not met with success.

In the mid-2000s, Peugeot launched the 1007, a small minivan fitted with unique remote-controlled electric sliding doors: a world first! Designed by Pininfarina, the 1007 wanted to be as chic as the Mini and the Mercedes Class A, then still MPV. Despite its surname, the lion’s car did not hit the mark, far from it. Success was not there: less than 150,000 units sold in four years. Realistically, Peugeot throws in the towel. The Peugeot 1008 of 2025 will be quite different!

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Peugeot 1008: the brazilian adventurer

Peugeot 2025 electric urban SUV design sketch
Approximately 4.15 m long, it will receive, in Europe, a 100% electric motor.

The P44 project, which could take the trade name Peugeot 1008, is part of the global “smart cars” program, models developed for emerging markets such as India and Latin America but also for Europe. Designed on the simplified CMP platform, the Peugeot P44 will share its chassis and a large number of technical elements with the next generations of Citroën C3 (code CC21 expected in 2023) and the Citroën C3 Aircross / Opel Crossland duo, projects coded respectively CC24 and OV24, which will arrive in 2024.

Ford EcoSport
The Ford EcoSport SUV has a philosophy similar to that of the future Peugeot 1008.

The Peugeot P44 will bring up the rear in 2025. Similar to urban SUVs, it will sport a similar size of 4.15 m and will make a career in South America, mainly in Brazil. To put it simply, expect a rather rustic machine, like a Ford EcoSport, developed in 2012 according to the same scenario of conquering non-European audiences.

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A “revisited” billhook design!

Peugeot e-1008 design drawing replacing Peugeot 108
For now, the style of the future Peugeot 1008 is not set in stone. Here is our sketched view of things.

The style of the future Peugeot e-1008 which, let us remember, will not arrive until 2025 is not yet fixed. In addition, Carlos Tavares expressly asked Matthias Hossann – Peugeot’s new design director – to rework the designs born under the era of his predecessor, Gilles Vidal, who now works on behalf of “the enemy”: Renault . In this very particular context, we can only publish pencil illustrations, which only serve as a declaration of intent. According to our information, the design of the Peugeot 1008 will be very cubic, with a philosophy similar to that of a Jeep Renegade. To offer decent roominess and trunk volume in such a small size, there is little choice but to draw at right angles. A formal register that suits a little adventurer. On this point, it is not the iconic Suzuki Jimny that could contradict us.

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Only electric in Europe

Dacia Spring
In terms of format and electric motorization, the Dacia Spring (photo) would be the rival of the Peugeot e-1008.

Along with his Brazilian career where he will be offered in thermal versions watered with ethanol, the Peugeot 1008 will also be sold in Europe. But only in its 100% electric version which should logically be called e-1008. The latter appeared relevant in the eyes of Carlos Tavares, the big boss of the Stellantis group, who seized the opportunity to be able to slide this small green SUV under the Peugeot e-2008. Especially since when it arrives here, the market will have tipped in favor of electric models and players such as the Volkswagen ID.2 or the Renault 4 will have positioned themselves in 2025. By its size, its silhouette and of course its EV engine, the Peugeot e-1008 would have been the designated rival of the Dacia Spring. But if it has been developed for emerging markets, with a certain sense of economy, its prices cannot be as low as those of its rival Dacia (from € 16,990).

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In fact, it will be difficult for the Peugeot e-1008 to drop below the € 20,000 mark. On the upper floor, the Peugeot e-2008 (136 hp strong) starts at a price of € 36,800. To lighten the bill, like its weight, the Peugeot e-1008 will carry smaller batteries and a lower power electric machine (around 50 and 80 hp). While its manufacture will be entrusted to the Trnava plant in Slovakia, where the Peugeot 208 and Citroën C3 are already assembled. But it will not be enough against the Spring that Dacia, the ultimate breaker brand, manufactures in China.

Peugeot 1008: the replacement for the 108?

sketch design future Peugeot e-1008
This small urban SUV will adopt all the codes of the adventurer with cubic and virile lines.

The Peugeot e-1008 will be the entry model to the Peugeot SUV family, but also the gateway to the manufacturer’s range. Indeed, at the end of 2021, the Peugeot 108 will bow out and have no offspring. The A segment of city sedans is losing ground and the partnership between PSA and Toyota is not renewed, the lion could not support the investment alone.

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Peugeot 108
Launched in 2014, the Peugeot 108 will retire at the end of 2021.

And let’s not lose sight of the fact that this rapidly changing market will owe its salvation only to the silhouettes of SUVs and the switch to electrification. The future Toyota Aygo X and Smart SUV bear witness to this. In this perspective, the Peugeot e-1008 will tick all the boxes and will not need to be encumbered with Sesame doors of the one which preceded it by inaugurating the “1000” series.

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