Persona 5 Tactica: All playable Phantom Thieves characters

Now that Persona 5 Tactica is out on Game Pass, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Windows, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch and Steam, many of you have probably already started on this latest adventure with Phantom Thieves from Atlus, but if you don’t have it – and are a little curious as to why many people brag so much about the figures in the series – we have something just for you.

Persona 5 Tactica includes a number of returning and fan-loved characters, including the Joker – who once again wields his iconic gun -, the unpredictable Ryuji, the compassionate Ann and our feline friend Morgana. On top of this, we get to know some new faces.

Erina is the tough and brave leader of the Rebel Corps who joins the gang, and comes with a number of skills that allow her to attack multiple enemies at once. When she can also plant her Flag of Freedom in the ground to both weaken enemies and heal allies, Erina is truly an exciting new member of the Phantom Thieves.

Persona 5 Tactics

Yusuke is the artist of the gang and brings some eccentricity to the Phantom Thieves. All while he uses long-range weapons that can damage enemies from a safe distance. His persona is the powerful Goemon, so he uses decoys to draw the attention of his enemies to where he wants on the battlefield.

Next we have Makoto, the kind-hearted and strong-willed student council president known for her loyalty and melee strengths that make her a real threat on the battlefield. With a powerful attack that can damage all enemies in a straight line, Makoto’s Persona, Johanna, is very useful in certain scenarios.

Haru should not be underestimated either, even though she is the daughter of a CEO and is thus wealthy, because she can do a lot of damage from a distance. She can tease enemies to lure them closer before dishing out a massive amount of beating with the Milady Persona.

Finally, we have Futaba. Although she is known to be shy, she is also an outstanding and brilliant hacker who can use her skills to help the Phantom Thieves in many possible ways. Her persona is called Necronomicon, and as the name suggests, you will be able to revive the other members with it.

Since Persona 5 Tactica has a system that allows you to switch between these members each time, it’s worth getting to know each of these characters if you intend to stop The Legionaries and free the citizens from this tyranny.

You can play Persona 5 Tactica today via your Game Pass membership or simply on an Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Windows, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch or on Steam.

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